You can find us in the village called Buje which is situated on the Brkini margin, along the Divača - Ribnica highway. The farm is located in a secluded area, along the river Reka. It is known for its mill and saw trade which is 400 years old as well as agricultural activity.

The Reka valley is really magnificent with its beautiful nature, peace, kind people and field-riding. On the Žagar farm you can entrust your horse to their care in the newly adopted stable. Horses are well looked after. They are enabled every day pasture on more than 20 hectare of pastureland and grassland in close proximity of the stable, quality feeding and a blacksmith or a vet in case of need.

You are kindly invited to visit our farm, where picnic places by the river are offered, recreation (rowing on the Reka, walks in the forest, mashrooms, blackberries and whortleberries gathering, cycling, learning about life in Brkini during centuries...) and complete care of your horse.

Žagar Farm
Buje 1

Phone: ++386 (0) 5 762 00 68, 762 00 39
Mobile: ++386 (0) 31 470 496


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